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‘Eat to Win’ Sports Nutrition (Consultation)

Eat to Win’ Sports Nutrition (Consultation)

Are you in a contact sport such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Rugby or do you generally have a passion for keeping fit and want to tweak your diet to get the most out of yourself?

Training to win can be taxing on your mind and body if your general diet and eating habits are holding you back. Our consultation will unearth what your current diet means to your goals and how you could up the levels on your competition by eating the right foods at the right time to get the clear win you desire.

You will be required to keep food diaries of all you eat and drink for a full seven days in order for us to best analyse your Macro and Micronutrients. Following our analysis, we will call you to discuss what you should include and take out of your diet as well as recommending to you an eating strategy leading up to your event also what to eat during and after your event.  

Consultations can be conducted in-person depending on your location.

Also Included:

  • Advice on Meal Planning, pre and post event
  • Supplement advice
  • Information delivered in a concise and clear format you can use.

£60 to be paid in full.

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