Is Strength Training for you?

hex dumbell in gym

Were you born in the 1950s to 2000s? Do you do much exercise throughout the week? Have you ever done strength training?

When most people think of strength training they think of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his early bodybuilding days or as Conan or the Terminator. Hench guys standing in front of mirrors (watching his form we hope) hitting set after set and rep after rep, making the gym equipment sweaty.

This can be a common scene in a gym but that “gym beast” is onto something that could really benefit you now if you are an older person and will surely benefit you while you’re in your youth growing up.

Strength training helps a person to maintain their muscle and increase muscle mass in the best case. So how does this help you in old age? This will help you to hold your own weight, walk from the market with your shopping, pick up your grandchildren and raise them up into the sky.


As we age our muscle mass reduces which is known as sarcopenia. Strength Training with a personally prescribed gym plan can help you reduce the affects of this if not increase muscle mass.

The gym is not a place for the youth alone. My local gym has a large number of older people coming in which shows just how important elders are taking their health and fitness. So whatever your age and current ability, strength training is well worth the effort.

If you would benefit from our personally designed gym plans, want to maintain and grow muscle please leave a message in our contact box.

Additional tips:

Increase protein intake, get good amounts of sleep and vitamin D.

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