Reaching Your Goals: The Importance of Support

At this time of year, people are often taking themselves to account saying ‘what did I achieve’ and ‘what should I be working towards?’ If losing weight is a concern you’ve come to the right place for that. But, without the help of those closest to you, without their understanding and cooperation, you may find yourself moving in slow motion if not going round in circles.

A client I was working with recently, with much enthusiasm to reach his goals, to begin with, found himself in such a predicament. Family members weren’t as supportive as he had hoped even though this time around he sought the aid of a Fitness and Nutritional Advisor (myself). He told me his siblings were busy with their lives and the support from his elders wasn’t as he’d hoped.

Maybe you can relate to this. When family see you make an effort at something but you often give up due to ‘a pain in my arm’ or ‘I plan to, once the rain stops maybe’…they get tired quick, until you show and prove.

Hand’s up if it’s your fault

Being the Man I am, I hold myself partly accountable for my client not reaching his goal because maybe it was that one thing I was thinking that I didn’t say to him that would have helped him get the win but Allah (subhanu wa ta’ala) is the best of planners and in reality he just wasn’t in the right mindset at this time. How I see it is when my client wins I’m also a winner.

Fitness Advisors can do so much. If you’re ready for change you need to get the network on your side or look for those that will support you. My clients always have my support whether I have to make an unexpected drop-in wherever you are, phone calls, email and social, I’m not ‘EE’ but I may just hit your area this week.

No goal, no gains so be SMART about it.

Part of preparing for a weight-loss journey is conversation with yourself and also conversations with those around you, so you know what kind of an impact your new journey and lifestyle would mean to you, them, what they can do to make your life easier and what not to do around you, such as eating crepes with all the family while your preparing blueberry yoghurt and drinking water.

It’s important for myself and the client to set SMART goals (see picture above) that can be regularly monitored and altered throughout the 8 weeks of the programme (The Old Medicine) we run. Setting goals brings you one step closer to achieving them once you believe you can actually do it. And in reality, even if you had the whole world saying ‘Nah, he’s not gonna do it’ but you were persistent, patient and prepared for the hardship….you’ve won inshaAllah.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve a good deed (whatever Allah azza wa jal is pleased with – with proofs) or you should find something else to do. That person has been put there as a test, so keep working.

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