Exercise for ballers on a budget

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees you know!’ Who hasn’t got told off for asking too much when times are tough? Reality is times are always tough so shift your mind out of ‘I don’t have the right trainers’ and ‘I checked the weather and it’s gonna rain all week’ and leave your excuses on your bedside chair (table if you got it like that).

When it comes to exercise you don’t need much to get going except a go-getting attitude and the desire to see the job through. I’m going to run down a few of things you can do that won’t cost you much and will benefit you even more in your weight-loss journey.



Join a Gym OFF-PEAK if you’re really squeezed for scrilla (money). Your local gym will have many weight and cardiovascular machines as well as free-weights for you to use. The experience of the Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers are also worth enquiring about so you reduce the chance of injury and meet the goals you set for yourself rather than wasting 6 months+ trying to figure things out.

For a tailored gym plan designed around your goals and lifestyle and commitments [Email Interest Here].


Team Sports:

Sports from Football to Cricket or Rugby are social sports that give you a feeling of community and connection with your teammates. At the same time, you’ll be burning a lot of calories, strengthening muscles used in your desired sport and raising your mood at the same time. Joining a team is usually inexpensive but may be a seasonal thing and so to maintain your levels of exercise you will want to get involved in another sport alongside that which you do or jog on a regular basis and the likes of that.


Stair Climbing:

According to The University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Center research, you burn 15 calories per 3 flights of stairs (average flight of stairs being 12 steps). If you live in a house or estate block if you work in a high-rise building or you have a local tube station or large shopping centre, you have access to stairs that you can burn some serious calories with – if you don’t mind going up-and-down for a good 20minutes. Just bring water and comfortable trainers and get ready to build your leg strength.

For a plan of exercise that you can do at home or your home environment [Click here].

Exercise is for everyone, not for the young or the rich but for any and everyone that wants to benefit themselves, to live long and look after the ‘Trust’ given to them from the day they were created.

I can help you lose weight and get into the best shape of your life; start with our ‘8 Week Weight-loss Programme’ – The Old Medicine and learn about the food you need to be eating, also includes a ‘Gym Plan’ designed around you.

JOIN eMAIL list now for our free ‘Health Guidebook and Basic Gym Plan’.


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