Stay sharp and stress less: Keys to cool

Which one of us guys doesn’t want to stay sharp throughout life, be able to see the target with a clear mind, be able to think ahead and make the finishing move in style? At the same time, which one of us guys doesn’t want a stress-free existence (where possible).

You can sharpen the sword but ultimately our ability or allotted share of sharpness is limited to what Allah (our creator, the mighty and majestic) has blessed us with. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work to stay on our A game; below are ways to help you see around corners and move like Neo is your younger cousin.

Different items for fitness
Exercise benefits the Body, Mind, Sleep.


Working on your body through weight training regularly will help you maintain and better yet increase muscle size. With added strength + speed, you become physically sharper and able to tackle the day, be it by running down a pick-pocket or carrying the shopping home to burn those extra calories. Cardiovascular work increases your heart strength and ability to take in oxygen, also helping your blood flow better. Your mind is also sharper through regular exercise and you’ll find your mood lifts, not only because of hormone change but also due to being in an environment where like-minded people come to put in that work after-work. After all the exercise you’ll be so tired that sleep will come easy, on a regular basis.

Exercise to stay focused – Any activity that requires a level of physical exertion is good (e.g. Running, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Cycling and Gym activity).

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The food you eat will give your engine the right combination of nutrients you need to power through your hectic day or it could be the reason why you fall asleep when there’s work to do and also the reason you feel stressed, agitated and sluggish. Food is stored energy, it’s a blessing from Allah (our Lord and Master) that we have so many varieties, textures, smells and appearances that go down so well. Eating too much and doing too little activity increases the chance of that food we love soo much will cause our bodies harm now or in the future.

Stay sharp and stress-free by eating from smaller plates, increasing your vegetables and drinking water before your meal to fill you up that little bit earlier.

Have you ever had an appointment that you were anxious and eager over? Think back, did you eat everything in the house or was your appetite suppressed? If you take to eating a smaller quantity, over time, you will likely feel sharper and focused and with added exercise, this sharpness will only increase God willing.  Avoid processed foods (sweets, fried chips, burgers, and chicken) and select locally sourced, organic meat and vegetables, brown pasta, rice and bread that contain more fibre and drink water like you’ve just found life in the Sahara Desert.

Foods to de-stress: e.g. Avacado, Blueberries, Kale, Dark Chocolate at 70% and up and Salmon.

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