Pass the coffee around

I’ve loved Coffee ever since I worked in a coffee shop in the West End of London; I’ve had a taste for a Mocha, Espresso, Black Americano or Iced coffee in the heat of the summer. So it’s my pleasure to tell you some of the known bodily benefits of coffee, so get the kettle on and prepare to brew that chocolate coloured wonder drink.


Going hard in the Gym:

So have you ever wondered why your gym workouts have you feeling like you’re the chief Silverback Gorilla in the Jungle when you’ve been on the coffee? It’s the Caffeine bro.

Yeah, you’ve heard of it and likely drunk it in a fizzy drink and tea among other things. Caffeine has been used by endurance athletes for a long time to help them stay alert on those long runs. The morning kick we all need at times comes due to caffeine ability to stimulate the hormone adrenaline linked to the bodies ‘fight or flight’ response so now you know why you beat up the rowing machine like that! Caffeine also has an effect on muscle contraction, helping in strength and power based activities like weight training.


Tracking down the Free Radicals:

Coffee contains Polyphenols which are antioxidants. These antioxidants scavenge free radicals that oxidize (destroy tissue and DNA). Increasingly scientific researchers are recommending drinking a few cups of coffee per day just for this reason.


Other suggested benefits of drinking coffee include:

  • heart health
  • lower risk of heart attacks and stroke
  • lowers levels of liver disease
  • Caffeine boosts cell function
  • Caffeine can be used  as a Fat burner


Research into this age-old drink shared to the world via Muslim roots is still ongoing but it isn’t hard to find benefit in the drink (I say this at 3.30 am – living proof). If you’re not used to drinking coffee be cautious of filling your cup up too high until you know what your body can handle. Drinking too much coffee can be dangerous to your health, just like anything, a balance should be applied.


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