This ain’t working out: Tips to stick to the plan

Old gym interior with equipment
Remember why you’re working out.

It can be daunting going to the gym and many people won’t reach their fitness goals because of the atmosphere of their local gym or not wanting to be seen jogging through their local area.

The struggle and striving to reach your goal needs to be your focus and not the end result. Focus on that day, that lift and that run you are doing at that specific time. Focus on what your doing and the positive change your body is going through as you workout, talk to Allah (subhanu wa ta’ala) at that time and don’t think about the people you are passing because ‘they are passing’, you’re on your journey.

Learning to love the struggle sounds like something for the athletes but if you get accustomed to looking at the journey day by day, with time, you’ll likely find a new passion that is benefiting you and those around you.

The feeling of apprehension is the same for most people before they start/resume their fitness journey. Sometime a gym may have a ‘culture’ you don’t like which is sad but remember why you’re working out!

A good way to reach your goals is to find a family member or friend that has the same goals as you. Working with them and encouraging one another is a fast way to secure consistency and also brings hearts together, building bonds hard to break.

Keeping a journal of the exercises you do, how hard or easy you found the session and your mood before and after your session is also a good tool you can use that will always be on call for you to read through on those hard days when you lack motivation.

Don’t give up on better health or exercise because things look too hard. Today, if you go online you wouldn’t find it hard to find stories of over-weight or obese people that have said enough to ill health and turned their lives around, it takes the determination of self as well as assistance from others but YOU do the hard work and in reality, YOU are the one rewarded.

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