Why active people are happier people

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s a person sweating it out running on the block, whizzing past on their bike and even doing group exercise on those posts used for locking up bicycles. They have a bad smell, you wouldn’t want to shake their hand (not at that moment) and they may even have a deep concentration that looks like someones about to get punched up. They don’t look overly happy from the direction you’re looking right now but believe me, they are more likely to be happy than Mr Puff-a-lot next door that says his as fit as his every been, all the while rolling up the tobacco.

Below I’ve listed just 5 reasons why active people are happier people, I say happier because true happiness comes through knowing your Lord, religion, prophet, purpose in life and acting upon these. Within knowing your purpose in life comes looking after your health and so being active has a place in all of our lives.

This is just a short list off the top of the head and I’m sure you will find many more reasons to be happy as you increase in activity and care for yourself and your family. So like BANG, here we go, 5 reasons active people are happier people:



When you are engaged in exercise you are using your time positively, strengthening your body rather than breaking it and pushing it to the breaking point; this is using your time wisely! Yes some people go to extremes in exercise but this happens in everything in life, some people will always go to the next level, for various reasons.

Active people see the benefit of time as they race against time to reach a new personal best. The blessing of time has been given to you, you reading this now is proof enough. When you find blessings in your time this can translate into other areas of your life because you are at least attempting to put things in their proper place i.e. use wisdom.

Taking out 30 minutes per day that will pay itself back in your old age is a great deal and every Muslim can relate to doing something now and being paid back later as they pray their daily prayers.



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