Want to lose weight? Some things to know ASAP


What do you have in common with the best of athletes? I’m sure more than you think but right now let’s stick to a desire for food!!

We all need food and drink, it’s a basic need that even the best of sportsmen can overindulge in. One difference though is that a pro athlete will have access to some of the best equipment to work it off the gut, have more knowledge of food and supplements and be looked after by the best of advisers to keep them at the top of their game.

Along comes Abu Hafs Hanif Fitness and Nutrition with the aim of transforming the lives of as many men as possible (being the personal trainers’ personal trainer in due time). Be you an 18-year-old or 48 years and suffering from high blood pressure and hip pain or a retiree with additional weight that just won’t shift, we are here to help.

A knowledge of safe weight-loss techniques just isn’t common knowledge. Some men will go on a self-inflicted hunger strike in an aim to lose weight then pick out the number 5 meal in the takeaway to kill the hunger (yo-yo dieting). This isn’t going to be sustainable and will cause more issues than it cures since staying away from food in this way can slow-down the speed at which your body burns energy known as Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).



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