A Fitness instructor is born every day/ Personal Best.

Alhamdulillah, I’ve completed my first stage in my fitness journey and I’m now a Fitness Instructor. I have the chance to help you with your fitness goals and be of service to my community. This is a key reason I’ve been studying, as the Muslim community and the British Public, in general, are in need of well-trained and motivated fitness prescribers with knowledge of nutrition. obesity is only going up at this time we live in and I will do what I can to treat this wound, inshaAllah.

I’m also motivated to help myself and my family in our own fitness goals. During this week I hit 80kg Deadlifts for reps of 8 and that was a rush. Its been a great week and looking forward to many more. Added to that, was the Bradford Conference 2017 on key topics to do with living in times of trial for the Muslim. I’m filling my cup inshaAllah.



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