A concise guide containing advice on Nutrition and Fitness; make the most of this blessed month and what comes after it insha'Allah.


How’s it goin’, I’m Abu Hafs Hanif and on this website you’ll find out about what I do and what moves me. As a Muslim Husband and Father concerned about myself, my family, our Ummah and the Dunya just like you, I saw a need for creativity, thought and attention to be given to just a few aspects that aid me in trying to be the best Muslim Man I can be.

Actualising the Qur’an and Sunnah upon the understanding of our Salaf, maintaining good health, fitness and nutrition are important to me, just as they are important to you. For if we have neither firm deen with it’s proofs or good health, we are losing the battle against Shaytaan.

Being creative and still conforming to the stronger opinion that picture making (of living beings with souls) is haraam just needs more reflection hence you won’t find pictures of people here.

I hope the curation of posts you find here bring more life to your Home, Deen and Lifestyle.

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